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Improve Fiscal Stress

Fiscal stress index shows how well Hopewell can generate additional revenue from its current tax base relative to other parts of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

City of Hopewell

Improve Revenue Capacity

Our city sits on about 10.8 square miles located between two important rivers...the James River and the Appomattox River.

Our community consists of approximately 22,735 people.

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Maintain Revenue Effort

What our city is able to collect in terms of taxes and fees is important to fund our infrastructure and future growth.  An office that provides excellent customer service, documentation, record keeping and timely communication would be a key ingredient.


Increase Hopewell Median Household Income

The more income our residents are able to earn or produce the better our community becomes.  A community of contributors is very important.  Connecting our residents to available opportunities through economic development and workforce training is a key priority.

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