There are many banking institutions not providing as much assistance as we need to consistently build up our city.  There are various resources that could be tapped into to increase financial literacy in our community.  We must support the banks that are making a difference in our growth.  These banks do this by providing low cost of free training to our students, churches and community organizations.

Click on any image below to find examples of these banks in or around Hopewell.

Example: Bank of McKenney
Example: Bank of McKenney

Woodforest Bank
Example: Woodforest Bank CRA Report 2009-2011 Report


2 thoughts on “Training!”

  1. So then why don’t the banks, including one or more of the following city departments promote such resources:
    City Manager’s Office
    Finance Department
    Neighborhood Assistance & Planning
    Office on Youth
    Social Services

    1. Hi Kim,

      Thanks for taking the time to pose an excellent question.

      Basically,I have found from speaking with various Hopewell people during this campaign that many people in the various departments believe that they are promoting various resources. There seems to be, however, a gap in the communication.

      My platform is to CONNECT the 1977 CRA LAW to the citizens so that there is more balance.

      I believe that when the citizens are trained and empowered to proactively SEEK OUT opportunities…we would see an increase in attendance to various scheduled FIRST TIME HOMEBUYING PROGRAMS and other FREE FINANCIAL workshops that have been offered in the past few years.

      What are some ideas that you think could increase the awareness in our city???

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