CRA: Virginia Commonwealth Bank (VCB)


Yesterday while out and enjoying meeting Hopewell Citizens at the COMMUNITY DAY EVENT, someone asked a great question.  They asked “Where can we learn more about the banks who are complying to the CRA for Hopewell?”  I decided to make it easier by putting my research on this site.

As we grow in knowledge and awareness, I believe that we can improve the ECONOMIC SUCCESS OF OUR HOME of HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA.


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“…An executive officer serves as treasurer of the Prince George Alliance for Education, a foundation that provides grants to teachers and programs within Prince George County. A second executive officer is a member of the board of directors of the Hopewell Food Pantry, an organization that provides food to needy individuals and families…”


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Virginia Commonwealth Bank (VCB), headquartered in Petersburg, Virginia, since 1936, operates a total of eight full service branch offices within central and southeastern Virginia. Previously named First Federal Savings Bank, the bank converted to a state member bank on October 1, 2008. As of June 30, 2009, the bank had total assets of $319.9 million, of which 74.5% were loans and 16.4% were securities. Various deposit and loan products are available through the institution including loans for residential mortgage, consumer, and business purposes. VCB received an outstanding rating at its prior CRA evaluation conducted by the Office of Thrift Supervision dated August 29, 2005. Since the previous evaluation no branch offices have been closed; the bank’s branch office in Hopewell, Virginia, opened on June 30, 2006. The following table depicts the loan portfolio, as of June 30, 2009.

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